Small, Positive Thoughts and Actions Lead to Big Changes for Good

Changing your life and yourself for the better can definitely seem like a monumental task. There are probably tons of things you’d like to accomplish and become. Overcoming all of the obstacles that stand in your way, including your own doubts, is something that just can’t be done, right? Wrong. Let’s look at achieving the goals you desire for yourself in another way. Instead of thinking of all the things you need to get past and all of the stuff you have to learn, break it down into much smaller steps. This shift in approach is the key to making your biggest dreams a reality. It’s true that small, positive thoughts and actions lead to big changes for good. The information in this article will give you some suggestions to get started.

Kill the Comparisons

Almost nothing can lead to feelings of self-doubt and unworthiness like comparing yourself to others. Social media makes these kinds of observations ridiculously abundant. It’s a losing battle that’s also incredibly unfair from the outset. Comparing yourself to someone else who may have more time, higher income or extra resources is setting yourself up for a competition that isn’t equitable and that offers no benefits. Instead, why not measure your success by your own bar? Try to improve upon your own progress, rather than setting the bar to others’ standards.

Try Something New

Set a goal to try at least one new thing each week. Shoot for daily, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous. By injecting new experiences into your life on a regular basis, you’re changing your energy and your mindset. Instead of slogging through each day stuck in a rut, you are taking time to plan or think about the new item you want to add to your to-do list or actually putting those thoughts into action by indulging in something unfamiliar. Feel free to tailor the experience to the amount of energy you have that week. When you’re feeling exhausted, just trying a new recipe for dinner is sufficient. During a time when you have more energy, plan for a weekend getaway or research a class to try something you’ve always wanted to learn. Any shakeup to your routine is a plus that will push you toward making change.

Learn From Others

Many of us are set in our ways or feel that our way of thinking is best. Sometimes we become unnecessarily upset or annoyed by the actions of another. When you catch yourself feeling that way, take a pause to reflect on why that person is doing things in this particular manner. You can even go a step further and ask them. You may find out that their way of working things out actually has quite a bit of merit, and you’ll probably gain a great deal of respect for your openness to new ideas in the process.

These three suggestions should be a great jumpstart to implementing small changes that can add up to big rewards when it comes to self-growth. Once you begin to adjust your habits, you’ll see that adding more modifications is easy. You truly can be the change you want to see by tweaking one small thing at a time.