From Positive Thinking to Positive Action


Positive thinking is a wonderful thing. You’re starting to understand the ways in which your thoughts influence your feelings and behavior. You may wish to take more control over your situation by intentionally turning the thoughts into more actionable steps. This is actually something you can do by implementing some proactive strategies. Read on to discover how to go from positive thinking to positive action in your approach to life and goals.

Make It Known

The concept of manifestation is a powerful one. It relies on the idea that your desires will come to you if you make them known, that what you believe you receive. This philosophy may or may not resonate with you, but the premise does have merit. By stating your intentions to the Universe, you’re setting them into your subconscious and will be more likely to act on them.

Be Accountable

Don’t stop at telling the Universe of your plans. Tell the world. Let you friends, family and social media followers know of your intentions and goals. This will make you accountable for acting on them, rather than just wishing for them to become a reality. People are bound to ask you about your progress, and you’ll want to be able to give them a positive report. You can even ask some of your closest people to help hold you to your goals by checking in with you on a regular basis. If you’re a writer, keeping a blog of your progress might be a good way to maintain accountability, as well.

Document It

Along these lines, documenting your goal plan and progress is a fantastic way to implement positive thinking into positive action. If you decide to blog about your experience, your words offer written proof of your progress and push you toward completion. Taking photos is another awesome method for keeping track of your actions and pushing yourself further.

Check In With Yourself

Sustaining a goal is a difficult task. It’s easy to get excited during the planning stages when the idea is new. Once the novelty wears off and the hard work begins, it can be tempting to give up. Keep yourself on track by checking in during the hard times to remind yourself why it is you’re striving for this particular thing. Goals require motivation to come to fruition. Find your motivation, the thing that’s pushing you to keep going. Then remind yourself of it regularly. You might even want to make desire visible somehow. You can write it on your mirror in lipstick or place an inspiring photo next to your computer as a reminder.

Find a Model of Success

Choosing a successful person to model your behavior upon and to inspire you is a wonderful way to ramp up your efforts. It’s important to understand that you don’t have to be exactly like this person, but having a role model sure can help you to envision your goal. Choose a person in your life or one you’ve read about as your model. Study them to learn about their background, how they got to where they are, advice they offer and other such tidbits. This proof of success shows you it’s possible to accomplish your desires and gives you a sort of roadmap to make it happen.

These tips should get you moving from positive thinking to positive action. Once you start taking action toward your goals, you’re likely to gain momentum and find satisfaction in each step you complete.