The Importance of Self Growth for Job Security

In a competitive job market in which there seem to be fewer positions available in many industries than there are qualified applicants, the ability to demonstrate a desire to grow and improve one’s self is paramount. Employers aren’t just looking to hire knowledgeable employees. They want workers who possess the soft skills such as critical thinking and strong leadership. When companies invest their time and resources into bringing an individual into their culture, they want to be sure they get the most bang for their investment. One of the best ways to show hiring personnel you’re worthy of their investment is to let them know you’re open to personal development. Not only will this enthusiasm for lifetime learning improve your chances of getting hired, continuing to demonstrate this attitude will likely increase your tenure with the company. Keep reading to learn about the importance of self-growth for job security and what you can do to show your new boss you’re committed to growing with the needs of the position.

Go Above and Beyond

Especially when you’re a newbie, it’s important to show that you’re willing to put in 110% effort. Complete the task that is asked of you, but also look at ways you can do the job better or add to it in some way. Your supervisors will appreciate your efforts and will see that you’ve put thought and creativity into it, as well. This thoughtfulness is a sign of someone who wants to grow.

Avoid Burnout

Be careful when going above and beyond not to neglect the other aspects of your life. There is more to being a whole-person than your vocation. Taking time to develop your outside interests such as hobbies, friendships and health will help to lower your stress levels and keep your mind sharp for addressing all the pressing needs of the job during your working hours. Work-life balance can be tricky to attain, but it is crucial to your personal fulfillment and your job performance.

Contribute to the Team

Demonstrate that you’re a team player who can compromise, collaborate and lead to contribute to a common company goal. Doing so will show the higher-ups your many interpersonal skills along with your interest in being part of the company-wide culture. Identifying with something bigger than you is a big indicator of someone who wants to mature as a person.

Always Be Learning

Lifelong learning is a key to self-actualization. Being open to educational opportunities can also be a boon to your job security. Not only does it show your interest in evolving, you’ll also gain concrete job skills you can bring to your position. When it comes to value, the employees who know the most and who are committed to staying up-to-date in their skillset are the ones who will shine. Not only do you want to focus on learning, though. Be sure to take steps to demonstrate that knowledge. Start a blog or write an industry white paper. Setting yourself up as an expert in your field will make you indispensable to your current employer, as well as put you in a position to negotiating a higher salary, better benefits or a more fulfilling position elsewhere if that’s what you want.

Demonstrating a commitment to self-growth is one way to better ensure job security for yourself no matter what your field. No one can foresee the future, but taking these steps will provide you with more leverage for calling the shots in your career.