Learning to Love Yourself Helps Your Relationship With Others


Self-growth is a process that requires regular dedication over time. Embarking on a path to develop a positive mindset and to become a more fulfilled person is an action to be commended. It takes honesty and dedication to keep moving forward to better yourself. One of the most significant things you can do to make your journey easier is to embrace self-love. You know that thoughts control feelings and behaviors.

If your self-thoughts are critical and negative, they will have a similar effect on the way you feel and the actions you take. Such negativity is pervasive, seeping into your personal and career interactions. Once you realize that learning to love yourself helps your relationships with others, you can move toward living in fulfillment. The suggestions below will guide you to discovering how to increase your self-love in order to bring you closer to the people who mean the most to you.

Stand Tall

The way you hold yourself communicates quite a bit. Someone with poor posture, who slouches and avoids eye contact, is likely to be viewed as a person who is lacking self-esteem. This kind of self-presentation has effects on one’s self, as well as the ways a person is seen by others. So avoid slouching, and stand tall instead. Look those you meet squarely in the eye and responding to them with clear communication. You’ll be surprised the impact just this small change can have on your confidence.

Dress the Part

Wearing clothing that makes you feel comfortable and attractive is something you can do to put a little spring in your step if you’ve been feeling a little blah lately. This doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot of money to buy a whole new wardrobe or fancy duds. Just start simple by pulling out some of your favorite outfits and pairing them with some flattering accessories, if you have them. Take a little extra time to fix your hair and do your makeup if cosmetics are something you enjoy. Putting a bit of extra effort into your overall look can go a long way toward boosting your self-esteem, a necessary component of self-love.

Pursue Your Passion

A fabulous way to pull yourself out of the doldrums and make yourself attractive to others is to invest time in your passions. When we’re feeling low, it can be easy to forget about the hobbies we once enjoyed. If you think you don’t have a passion, now is the perfect time to develop one. Sit quietly and reflect on the activities you enjoy or that you’ve been interested in trying. Once you’ve identified one or two, make a plan to get started. Wrapping yourself up in a much-loved activity is likely to renew your sense of purpose and accomplishment. Your excitement will show in the way you talk about it and is likely to be contagious. People enjoy being around others who exude passion and enthusiasm.

Take Care of Yourself

Investing in our health and self-care is difficult to do when we’re not feeling very lovable. Ironically, when you start to show yourself some attention, you’ll probably begin to feel more deserving of it. For example, eating healthy and exercising leads to increased energy, enhanced mood and better self-esteem. All of this is bound to produce a more positive and realistic outlook, allowing you to continue to invest in yourself and in those around you.

These suggestions are merely a handful of strategies to gaining the self-love required to improve the relationships in your life. As with most new habits, it can be difficult to begin. However, once you start to put these actions into practice, you’ll find it much easier to make them a routine part of your life. It won’t be long before your good feelings about yourself are abundant and begin spilling over into other areas