Use Positive Affirmations to Cultivate a Positive Mindset


You now know just how important positive self-talk is to your happiness and success. The way you talk to yourself impacts your emotions and behaviors. Another tool to help you change your mindset is the affirmation. This is a short statement you can repeat throughout your day that begins to infiltrate your self-conscious and moves you to internalizing a more realistic belief.

Examples: 1.”I attract to me unlimited abundance”, 2.“When I put forth more energy, I improve”, 3. “I sparkle with vitality.”

Read on if you’d like to discover how to use positive affirmations to cultivate a positive mindset.

About Affirmations

These concise positive sentences are ones that are meaningful to you and that describe something you’d like to achieve. Repetition of your affirmations can inspire you to act according to the words you are internalizing. The way it works is that the words you drill into your head act as a trigger to your subconscious to act in a way that makes the mantras ring true. Just as your negative self-talk is repeated throughout your days and influences your life in a detrimental fashion, proactively implementing helpful self-talk will accomplish just the opposite.

When to Put Affirmations to Use

The more you repeat your positive affirmations, the better. However, there are specific times when it will benefit you the most to put these words into action. When you feel worried or fearful before an important event, pull out a mantra to boost your confidence. Repeating it will allow you to get started on a positive note, which will likely continue throughout the event. You can also utilize this positive self-talk to push you along when finishing a certain project seems just too overwhelming. Remind yourself of your strength or of the reward that waits at the finish line, and you will feel more in control of your assignment rather than being overwhelmed or intimidated by it. When you’re experiencing negative feelings about yourself and your situation such as hopelessness, inadequacy or unworthiness, repeating a short pep talk can go far to allowing you to see your situation more realistically. You can use affirmations during any time of inner turmoil to turn your attitude around.

How to Use Affirmations

Your affirmations should be short, as long statements are too difficult and making something challenging decreases your chances of following through with its use. Make your mantra short, snappy and to the point. They should also be targeted to specific aspects you’d like to change. Developing targeted self-talk requires you to identify the areas you’d like to change. If you’re feeling less than competent lately, be sure to remind yourself of your worth by adding something like, “I am smart, competent and worthy. I add value to my world.” While there are two sentences in this mantra, they are easy to say and concise. Make a list of your most desired changes, and then add an affirmation for each. Make your phrases meaningful and realistic in order to increase their effectiveness. Be sure to repeat them with regularity.

Using affirmations to develop a positive mindset is a worthwhile strategy. With practice, you’ll begin to make a habit of using them. Soon, it will be easier to remember to pull them out when needed and to develop a routine that works for you. Remember that your statements should be customized to your needs and lifestyle. Good luck and enjoy!