Reach Your Goals by Visualizing Who You Want to Become


Visualization is quite a powerful tool. There are a number of ways you can “trick” your brain into changing its course or functioning in a more positive manner. Visualizing is one of these tricks. When your brain is being used to picture an imagined scenario, it doesn’t recognize whether this is a fantasy or reality. Your subconscious is enlisted to help make your dreams come true. You truly can reach your goals by visualizing who you want to become. Read below for some suggestions.

Enlist the Use of Props

You may think that pretending is only for kids. However, grownups can utilize this type of thinking to their advantage also. When you’re visualizing your desires, go one step further by using props to fuel your fantasy. If you’re looking for love, try imaging the type of partner you’d like to have. Then write a letter to that person stating all the things you love about them and what you’re looking forward to doing together in life. Taking such actions will help to cement your vision into your subconscious, helping you to go through your days seeking your vision.

Lay Them Out

You’ve probably heard of a vision board. This collage is a tool that lets you actually picture the things you desire for your life. Get a poster board and cut out words and photos from magazines to attach. Create a collage that speaks to your senses and makes you feel excited. If you’re a more digitally-minded person, you can always make your vision board in a computer program like Adobe Illustrator or with a website such as Pinterest.

Be Repetitive

Once you create a vision in your mind, be sure to utilize it on a regular basis. Take time daily to reflect on your desire and let it become ingrained in your mind. Repetition is the key to visualization success. Simply seeing a dream in your mind’s eye once won’t make it a reality. It must come to reside in your subconscious in order to be effective.

Meditate on It

Meditation is a process of cleaning your mind and being in mindful silence. Set aside time to meditate before you visualize your goals. This step will prepare your brain to receive your visions. Meditation brings your mind into present focus, clearing away negative thoughts or nagging worries. Starting with a clear head is bound to improve your visualization process.

Incorporate Your Senses

Bring all five of your senses into your visualization technique if you want to make it stronger. Imagine the feel of your vision, how the scenario might smell or sound. Incorporating these aspects makes your dream more real, strengthening its impact and setting it even more deeply into your subconscious. It will help to make things seem more real for you.

Give these techniques a try when practicing visualization to reach your goals. Keep trying every day, and you’ll begin to notice small changes coming to fruition.