Wrap Up and Where to Go from Here


You did it! You’ve reached the end of your thirty-day journey toward positive mindset and self-growth. Chances are pretty good that, if you’ve read each article and taken their suggestions, you’re feeling much more hopeful than you did at the beginning of this endeavor. You’ve learned so much, and you should be proud of yourself! Let’s review all we’ve covered during this time and give you some practical ideas of where to go from here.

What You’ve Learned

You’ve covered so much material over the last month that you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed right now. Don’t be. Most of the concepts covered in these articles are related. They go together to form a cohesive set of skills that will improve your mind and attitude as you work toward self-development. We’ve explored the ways in which your thoughts and self-talk influence your entire life. This is a big one. You’ve also discovered ways to change your thinking so you can change your habits. An exploration of goal-setting and its impact on your success in life was an important part of this journey, as well. Finally, we covered some brain science and the fact that your mind’s function can be influenced through outside actions and input.

Tools You’ve Gained

Not only did you explore the concepts that make up a positive mindset and lead to self-growth, you’ve also gained some concrete tools for accomplishing the positive thinking and skills you need to become the person you want to be. Here are just some of the tools you now have at your disposal for making positive, lasting change:

? Morning ritual
? Gratitude journal
? Reading habit
? Personal Development Plan
? Visualization
? Reframing your thoughts
? Self-awareness
? Goal setting
? Positive thinking
? Tricking your brain
? Learning methods
? Self-confidence boosting

This is an impartial list of all the tools you’ve gained throughout this month of intentional living. However, you can make quick reference of it when you need to grab a strategy from your tool bag to help you turn your thinking around or refocus your goals.

Where to Go from Here

Where you go from here is truly up to you. The tools you now possess can be utilized in any way that makes sense for your life and your learning style. Self-growth is a constant process. It never ends. You may wish to start with your self-development plan as a guide for implementing your new knowledge. It’s possible you could even create an entirely new plan for how to approach each day with a positive mindset toward learning and development. This plan can include the tools that resonate most with you. Please do take care not to overwhelm yourself. Implementing all of the tools and skills you’ve learned at once is impossible and will be counterproductive to your success. Pick your favorites, make a short plan and get started. Know that you can tweak your plan or add to it as you go along. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Hopefully, you now feel empowered to pursue your journey of self-growth and a positive mindset with renewed excitement. You have the knowledge, the tools and the attitude to become the best version of yourself and live your fullest life. Enjoy!